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Welcome to the new official website for Armageddon of the Terror Squad.

Here you'll find the latest music, news and videos from Armageddon. Make sure to check back regularly and if you need me for shows or features, or just to say what up, hit me below.

I'm currently working on a new album that will take shape later this year, stay tuned.

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ARMAGEDDON: (in the New Testament) the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgement.

Picture if you will, a war for the ages harnessing the essence of what it is to be Hip-hop and to be an MC; A gladiatorial styled competitive microphone conflict of epic proportions. This is what Bronx born Terror Squad member Armageddon embodies. Imagine the presence of KRS One; the cadence of Rakim; the uncanny knack of story telling and graphic visualizations of Kool G Rap; the prowess and authority of Chuck D; the street knowledge of Ice Cube and the prophetical word-wizardry of Nas mashed up with a little Big Pun combined in one man - You get deep, raw, visual, unapologetic rap with a message. This is who Armageddon is.

Multi-Platinum Producer & Recording Artist, Armageddon, first made his name on the scene, as an essential part of hip-hop mega-group, Terror Squad and in the years leading to Terror Squad's biggest hit record, "Lean Back," Armageddon stayed busy writing, performing, and producing. Often described by Fat Joe as "the deepest lyricist in the group," he has produced and written over a dozen records for Fat Joe, Big Pun, and Terror Squad, collectively. He's also credited with co-writing tracks featured in hit films such as Fast and Furious and Rush Hour. Additionally, Armageddon helped produce music for the WCW Wrestling Organization. One of his biggest accomplishments to date is Fat Joe's 2001 platinum album Jealous Ones Still Envy which he executively produced.

Armageddon tirelessly working behind the scenes catering to long time fans as well as his internal Biblesque dramatic and catastrophic creative conflict, which erupted in 2011 when he worked alongside with Queen on 'I Want it All', what was for many, the most popular song, on the soundtrack for the Zack Snyder's mega-film release, 'Sucker Punch'. The song quickly garnered attention, as it was used as the 2011 NBA Finals theme song and found home as the theme song for top-selling EA Sports' Madden 2011.

To celebrate the success and show fans he hasn't and won't ever stray far from his roots, 2011 landed Armageddon back in the studio with a new EP entitled "Rebirth, Volume 1", which was successfully distributed internationally by FatBeats. Rebirth not only reassured his loyal fans that he had been merely perfecting his lyrics and skill sets in his silence, but also gained him much more attention and fans across the globe.

Steadily feeding fan his own brand of raw, uncompromising music no matter the genre, Armageddon has been preparing himself for his next full-length album which he aims to take form throughout 2014. As Armageddon embarks forward in this new era, he has taken a new look at the shared passions of rock, electronic and hip-hop music in a way only Armageddon can combine them together during his creative battles in the sport of music and the arena of microphone gladiator combat. He promises not only a talented, courageous and contagious sound, but music that doesn't simply warrant listeners, but individuals who are along for the experience of audio blood-sport. Because, this is who Armageddon is.


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